Consulting and Talent Acquisition 

S[&]T is not just yet another recruitment agency. We proud ourselves on making superb matches between talents and our clients' job positions.

So how do we do it?

Account managing

At S[&]T, relationships always come first, and we treat our clients and employees alike: just as we would like to be treated.

Every account manager is a specialist within a specific market sector. Your account manager has extensive access to technical experts within S[&]T and ensures that a team of experts is always ready for you.

Your account manager will help you with advice and suitable solutions in the field of personnel hiring, consultancy and your project challenges. The same account manager is responsible for the daily support of S[&]T employees and consultants working at your location.

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Ximena is our recruiter


Our recruiters are awesome! They find everybody you need.

Human engineering

We understand that engineers are people first, and we place importance and focus on ensuring that the whole picture makes sense for our colleagues and partners.

From stopping by with treats and team spirit during complicated delivery campaigns to being flexible for team members who need help accommodating personal situations, we know that having a motivated, focused team matters.

Allowing those who work for and with us to be human is part of what - we believe - gives us an ability to achieve the most together.

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Support and Teamwork

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S[&]T’s Talent Development is focusing on active knowledge, skill development and knowledge sharing between colleagues. We use initiatives like the S[&]T Academy, the regular Show [&] Tells, Young S[&]T, individual education plans and online trainings. 

Next to personal development, we build personal relationships our experts who work on-site at our clients. There are a number of events that are organized during the year to keep our affairs personal, and include everyone who works at S[&]T.

Diversity [&] Inclusivity

At S[&]T you'll feel home and find the same chances and opportunities offered for everyone, regardless of their sex, origins, nationality, cultural background or what hat are they (not) wearing.

The focus is on balance between female and male colleagues, and that goes for origins and cultural background too. Our program "Women in Space" helped a number of female specialists to find a new challenge in S[&]T self or externally. These (and other) programs connect and support the next generation of female leaders in (data)science, technology, technique and science. It'll help them go further in their careers, go after their dreams, and become role models for women and girls in our society.

We are working on our numbers: 37% of all colleagues are female (that's 60% in the Management Team!), while we work with 17 different nationalities at the moment.

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Are you looking for support for your team? 

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